Our specialists focus on preventing pain, treating pain that just started, treating pain that has been going on for longer than 90 days, treating pain for patients who have completed their cancer treatments. PTC also has expert clinicians that specialize in creating personalized treatment plans for patients with a chronic pain condition who also have experienced a history of addiction. Each patient’s care team is assembled according to that patient’s needs.

Expert Care

The modern era of pain treatment is constantly evolving, with new breakthroughs, discoveries and treatment guidelines changing the course of care all the time. Deciding which combination of treatments is right for you is critical. It can also be overwhelming. That’s why it is important to turn to doctors who treat pain, and only pain. Doctors with a focus on keeping you safe, healthy and hopeful.

The Integrated Pain Treatment Centers team of expert clinicians includes board-certified specialists with advanced training and expertise in pain—as well as the wide array of treatment options available to accomplish functional goals, restore hope and improve quality of life. These medical specialists are just some of the experts delivering comprehensive care at Integrated Pain Treatment Centers.