We combine advanced pain treatment with supportive therapies to create your integrated treatment plan. Your dedicated team of pain experts communicates daily and works together to provide you with exceptional care.

Patient-Centered Care

Integrated Pain Treatment Centers recognizes that no two pain patients, and no two pains, are exactly the same.

Every patient’s care plan, from treating the pain to managing the complex medical conditions causing the pain, is designed to meet his or her needs and treatment goals and improve the patient’s quality of life. Patients are involved every step of the way, empowered to make informed decisions about their care.

Each Integrated Pain Treatment Centers patient has a dedicated team of pain experts assigned to his or her care, with some responsible for treating the pain and others working to help the patient manage the medical reason for the pain. Because all these doctors and clinicians work together in the same locations, they collaborate regularly with one another, and individually with the patient, to design a personalized plan, monitor patient progress and make adjustments when necessary.

Integrative Pain Treatments

Pain has a major impact on how you feel, function and enjoy your life. Addressing those issues—early and persistently—can help you get back to your life with a new level of hope and resiliency. That’s why an integrative, multi-faceted approach to pain care is important. PTC’s pain experts treat the disease with a comprehensive array of evidence-informed therapies, each tailored to the unique and specific needs of the patient.

The Integrated Pain Treatment Centers integrative care model works on two levels. Conventional medical treatments to decrease the pain and treat the medical needs of the patient. At the same time, evidenced-informed supportive therapies to help patients maintain their treatment regimens, improving their function and quality of life while restoring their hope.

Coordinated Care

Pain is complex in itself, but it is often accompanied by complex medical diseases. Aside from the physical and emotional toll, patients may also find themselves juggling the many logistics involved in managing such a complicated journey. At Integrated Pain Treatment Centers, the care navigator is the heart of the coordinated care model, a comprehensive approach to pain care designed to see that patients’ needs are met.